It’s Opalstack’s 3rd Birthday 🎂 and you can save an extra 10% on all of our annual plans! 🎉


To celebrate our 3rd birthday we are giving you 💥3 months free💥when you sign up for or change to any annual plan (that’s 25% off what you’ll pay monthly — that’s a whole quarter of free hosting)!

When: Any time from April 30th (today in most parts of the world) until May 31st!

How: Sign up now and enter the coupon code YEAR3 in the coupon code field on the sign up form: !

If you are an existing customer and would like to change to a yearly plan our support team will automatically add the discount for you!

The (slightly) longer part

It’s been 3 years already?! Wooooow. 🤯

What a wild few months that was also, somehow, an entire decade.

When we started building Opalstack it was because the writing was on the wall. The platform we had all used for more than 10 years was going to disappear.

And there wasn’t anything out there like it. No quick and easy replacement. No other hosting platform had the same amount of power and flexibility. So, we set out to build the hosting platform we wanted.

We built Opalstack to be more powerful and more flexible and we’re still just getting started.

Whether you’ve been with us since Day 1, today is your own Day 1 with us, or anything in-between:

From all of us at Opalstack, thank you! ❤️

Here’s a quick recap of some of the recent updates:

Automatic site domain redirects ➡️

Redirecting multiple domains to a single domain has always been painful. Setting up separate applications, sites, and the .htaccess rules to actually do the redirection — yuck! 🤢

You don’t have to do that anymore – instead:

  • add all of the domains you want to use to your site
  • turn on “Route all traffic to a single domain”
  • select the domain
  • save the site
  • 💥

All of the site’s incoming traffic will be redirected to the selected domain! (I have wanted this since day 1 and I’m so glad it’s here!)

Cryptocurrency payments 💰

We’ve added support for payments with cryptocurrency to help you avoid bank conversion fees – to get started, go to and click the “Switch to Crypto Payments” button!

Software & installer updates ⚙️

We’ve added PHP 8.1 and Django 4.0 to our 1-click installers, and a much-improved Rails 7 installer was released this week!

Dark mode! 🌑

If you are a fan of dark mode then click on the Opalstack logo in the dashboard and enjoy!


Whether this is your first website, you need beefy bare metal managed servers, or you are somewhere in between. Opalstack is the platform for you!

If you already have an account then email to switch to an annual plan now — and if you don’t have an account there’s no better time to sign up than right now!

Sign up now with coupon code YEAR3! 👉