Mid year updates: Part 1/3 – a new dashboard! ✨

Some of the most consistent feedback we’ve received over the last couple years has been about 2 things:

  1. The speed, design, and usability of the dashboard
  2. The time it takes for changes to propagate from the dashboard to the server

We’ve spent the last 6 months working to solve both problems and today we’ll be releasing those updates.

Over the next 3 posts we’ll be walking through the updates we’ve made over the last 6 months.

First up: the dashboard!

Speed! ⚡️

Waiting for the dashboard to load is a waste of your time. Each of the dashboard pages now load seconds faster than the previous version.

The current dashboard downloads more than 6MB on each page load. The new dashboard downloads ~550KB per page.

For those of you distributed across the globe this should really improve your page load times, even on weak connections.

Real time status updates! ⏱

You no longer need to reload the page multiple times to see if your new user or application has been created. The status will update in real time as things get created, updated, or deleted. Each status is color coded so you can tell at a glance what the status is:

  • Ready – Blue 🔵
  • Creating – Orange 🟠
  • Updating – Purple 🟣
  • Deleting – Red 🔴

Create a new database and you can watch it move from “Creating” to “Ready”. Make a change and watch it move from “Updating” to “Ready” again letting you know that you are able to start using the database. No refreshes needed! 🎉

We’ve also removed the confusing “wait 24 hours to delete this item” and the “delete it now” option. All deletes now happen as soon as you click the delete button and confirm the action. No more wondering when the delete you just requested will happen! 🥳

Fewer clicks to get things done! 🙌

We’ve grouped related objects – like applications and shell users, databases and database users, mailboxes and email addresses, etc – into a combined UI to let you manage those objects with fewer clicks.

For example, in the old dashboard in order to add a new website you would have to click through 4 separate pages to create a shell user, an app, a domain, and a site — and you’d have to refresh the page to check the status of the objects to know when they were ready.

In the new dashboard you’ll only need 2 pages and you’ll have live in-page feedback to let you know quickly when your new items are ready to use.

With fewer clicks, fewer pages, and everything loading faster you’ll be able to spend less time in the dashboard and more time doing what you logged in to do. 🎊

When is it launching?

It just launched, log in to see the new dashboard now!