Winter updates ❄️

Happy New Year from the (((Opalstack team! 🍾🎊

Here’s what’s been happening since our previous update

Affiliate Program

A few of you have said in tickets that you are waiting until we have an affiliate program up and running before you sign up. Well, today is the day! We’ve partnered with LinkMink to bring you an affiliate program with 10% commissions on your referral’s spending, plus a dashboard full of nerdy stats and graphs for clicks, referrals, commissions, and payouts. We’ve partnered with LinkMink since they provide all of those features plus the added benefit of calculating commission payouts so you get your commission faster.

Ready to share the ❤️ for Opalstack and get some money back in your pocket? Here’s what you need to do to get set up:

  1. Go to the LinkMink signup page for Opalstack:
  2. Sign up for LinkMink or log in with an existing LinkMink account.
  3. Copy your referral link – it will be similar to
  4. Share your referral link with friends and clients and start making that 💰💰💰!

We’ve done all the integration work so start your referral engines!

Email Autoresponders

At the beginning of December we launched email auto responders just in time for you to let everyone know you’ll be out for the rest of the year. You’ll find the instructions for managing autoresponders here:

Faster user, app, WordPress installs

You may have noticed that certain control panel operations like creating new shell users and applications are running faster. For example, WordPress installation times have dropped from a couple of minutes to a minute or less! We’ve done a lot of work on the backend of the platform to speed up the most important parts of what you use.

There are still some parts of the platform that can take a couple minutes to update, notably email and Let’s Encrypt certificates. For the majority of the things you need to do it should be much, much faster than it was in the past and it will continue to improve as we continue optimize and polish things up.

And finally… some swag!

We wanted to celebrate our first year in business and all of you wonderful people who believed in us as we were getting started. If you already have an account or sign up through the end of January 2020 we’ll send you a laser engraved bamboo (((Opalstack keychain!

What can you do with it? Put it on a keychain you already have? Make a necklace of some sort? Put a small lego piece in the hole to hold it up like a name plate? Hang it on a nail that is somehow in your wall? Feel super smug about having one? Throw it in a drawer to never be seen again? Use it to fix a wobbly table? Use it for laser-engraved-bamboo-widget debugging (like a rubber duck)?

The options are almost endless.

If you’d like us to mail you one head over to the control panel at and create a contact with the shipping address you’d like us to use. The address field doesn’t do any address validation (you all being spread out all over the world is great, it’s not so great for parsing addresses) so make sure it’s right. Then all you need to do is wait.

“Are you mailing these outside of the US?”


“Even to Africa, Asia, Australia, Antartica, South America, Europe, and Greenland?”


“Won’t that cost a lot of money?”

Probably. We’ll find out!

“How long will that take?”

We really don’t know.

“What do these things look like?”

Laser-etched bamboo keychains with the Opalstack logo


Klynton, Sean, and John @ (((Opalstack