✅ [resolved] Power issues in WDC data center

2019-08-31 17:26 UTC: mx1.us is back online and accepting incoming mail.

2019-08-31 16:42 UTC: Latest update from the DC is “We currently have power in all of WDC-01, and our network engineers are still currently working on the connectivity of the network.”

2019-08-31 14:44 UTC: opal1 is back online but the power issue is ongoing and mx1.us is still offline. We’ll update this post when more info is available.

2019-08-31 13:33 UTC: about 1 hour ago servers opal1 and mx1.us lost network connectivity.

At this time web sites hosted on opal1 are not available. Mail service should be unaffected since the redundant MX can pick up the load from mx1.us.

Our Washington DC data center team has determined that the loss of connectivity is due to a power problem.

The data center team is working to resolve the issue at this time and we’ll update this post when more information is available.