Let’s Encrypt is here!

🔐 Automated provisioning and renewal of Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates for your sites is finally available in our control panel! It took a bit longer than we anticipated, but we’re happy with the result. ❤️

It’s so easy to use! How easy, you say? Just flip the switch when you’re adding or editing a site:

More information on LE and other HTTPS options for your sites is available in our site documentation.

What else is new?

In the past couple of weeks:

✍️ We’ve continued to roll out new documentation for our support center. About 80% of the control panel functionality is now documented, with email and billing being the bulk of what’s missing.

⚙️ We’ve added installers for symbolic link applications, with versions for static content and for PHP sites. These apps let you serve any directory within your shell user’s home directory, even directories outside of your user’s application directory. A common use case for this is to serve Laravel projects, which use a subdirectory of the project directory as the site root. For example, you can maintain your Laravel project in your home directory, and serve the project’s public subdirectory with a symlink app.

What’s next?

  • Email: We’re focusing in earnest on our email platform now, and hope to have that ready by the end of June.
  • More installers: We slipped on the release of our uWSGI installer, but it’s coming very soon. More installers will follow!
  • Control Panel API: Almost there! Each new feature we add needs to be present in the API as well, so once email is done we’ll be able to wrap up work on the API.
  • More documentation: Of course we’ll be documenting email and billing features, along with plenty of supplemental documentation and HOWTOs for various applications and tasks.
  • More plans: VPS plans, bare-metal dedicated server plans, and shared hosting upgrades are all in the works!