Managed DNS and WordPress are here!

📆 It feels like it’s been months since we sent out the first wave of signup invites but it’s only been 3 weeks! We’ve been super-busy in that time, squashing bugs and onboarding new customers all while working on new features to round out the service.

Read on for what’s new!

💥 Managed DNS!

You can now point your domain to our name servers and we’ll set your A records automatically when you attach your domains to sites. 

You can also manually add other DNS record types that you may need, such as CNAME, MX, SRV, and others.

Our DNS setup is slightly different than the ones you may have used in the past. We decided to build regionality into our setup from the beginning. Each region that we have servers in has its own set of name servers so that your audience gets faster response times when doing DNS queries for your domain.

You’ll want to point your domain’s name servers to the name servers in the region closest to your audience. You can find out more about how to set this up in our help docs for DNS records.

💥 WordPress!

You’ve said it loud and clear, you want a WordPress installer. It’s here! You can now install WordPress from the control panel. You can also tune your PHP-FPM settings for your specific use cases by following our WordPress docs. Since our PHP-FPM configuration uses PHP 7.3 your WordPress web site should see a nice speed improvement if you’re coming from from PHP 5.x.

What’s coming next?

🔐 Let’s Encrypt!

With DNS finished and installers starting to roll out we’re focusing on the second most-requested feature: automated Let’s Encrypt certificates!  It should be ready within the next couple of weeks. Until then, you have the option of issuing LE certificates manually with certbot.

📧 Email!

After WordPress and Let’s Encrypt email has constantly been on the feature request list. We’re still working on it and it should still ship in the next month or so. DNS and TLS certificates are part of the infrastructure required to have a smoothly functioning email service. Once both of those things are done the work on email will go much faster.

⚙️ More Installers!

The Python/uWSGI installer will ship sometime late this week or early next week (May 23 – May 27). Django, Flask, and other installers will come shortly after that. 

🎛 Control Panel API!

Our control panel API is mostly complete and we’re already using it in our installers. We’ve got a few more endpoints to implement and a bunch of docs to tighten up and then we’ll unleash it on the world!

🔮 And after that?

We’ll be introducing other hosting plans such as managed VPS and managed dedicated bare-metal servers as well as pricing for shared hosting add-ons such as private IP addresses.

We’ll have a reasonably complete hosting service when all of the above is done but we’re not going to stop there. We’re always kicking around ideas to make the service better and that’s where YOU come in!

What’s on your hosting wish list? Let us know!