Let’s talk about email

People love to hate email. Every new Slack-alike communication tool that crops up claims to be an “email killer” or that email is already dead. Well, our team’s combined decades of experience working with email hosting have taught us the opposite — email is anything but dead.

All kinds of people use email for all kinds of things. You might use it to keep in touch with your customers, colleagues, or friends. You might use it to keep records or notes. You might have precious memories and other significant life moments stored in your email. 

Email is important and useful — but things like spam, blacklists, and delivery problems give it a bad rap, perhaps deservedly so. To help keep those problems to a minimum, here are a few features we’re building into our email stack:

🔐 Security: all of your email communication is TLS-encrypted, and DKIM, ARC, and SPF are available to help your recipients trust the messages that you send.

📫 Deliverability: we’ve built management tools to help us identify spammers and keep your mail servers off of blacklists, and have added redundant SMTP relays for maximum availability to ensure your email gets to where it’s going.

🚮 Mail filtering: you’ll have the open-source rspamd spam filtering system to stop spam in its tracks and flexible mailbox filtering with procmail to help you organize your email automatically.

❤️ Other good stuff: 

• Sendmail is enabled on all web servers so that mail() will just work in your PHP applications.

• Simple drop-in email migrations from providers who support Maildir storage and IMAP email migrations from those that don’t.

• The excellent open-source Roundcube webmail system to let you get to your email from anywhere, on any device.

Of course all of this will be in addition to secure and reliable SMTP, IMAP, and POP access — plus our phenomenal technical support!

What other features would you like to see in our email system?Let us know on Twitter @opalstack – or hey, email us!