Every Opalstack hosting plan includes the following features:

Web Hosting

  • A blazing fast front-end Nginx server which proxies requests to your back-end applications and serves static content.
  • Multiple versions of PHP are available (5.6, 7.3, 7.4, and 8.0) served via PHP-FPM with Nginx or PHP-CGI with Apache. PHP versions are switchable per-application via your Opalstack dashboard. You have the ability to install and use composer within your home directory. PHP mail is enabled as well!
  • Python 3.6 served via uWSGI. Python 2.7 is also available. You also have the ability to install any version of Python you need!
  • NodeJS 10.21, Ruby 2.6, Go 1.15, Rust 1.44, and Perl 5.16 for your other language needs. Need something else? We can help you install nearly anything you need in your home directory!
  • MariaDB for your MySQL database needs
  • PostgreSQL 11 with advanced extensions like PostGIS and TimescaleDB available.
  • One-click installs for a variety of applications:
    • WordPress
    • Django
    • NodeJS
    • Ghost
    • Ruby on Rails
    • Generic PHP applications, just drop your files in the app directory and go!
    • Generic proxy port listeners, just spin up your back-end server on its assigned port!
    • Static content directories
    • Subversion and WebDAV
    • Installers for Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, Deno and other applications are coming soon!
  • Unlimited sites, domains, apps, and databases (subject to your plan’s RAM and storage quotas and VPS capacity).
  • Flexible site routing to let you run multiple applications from a single site
  • Full SSH and SFTP access to securely manage your files and applications within your home directory.
  • Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates installed and renewed automatically.

Email Hosting

  • Flexible address configuration to let you to deliver to any combination of local mail users and forwarding addresses. Wildcard addresses are also supported.
  • Secure regional access via IMAP, POP3, and SMTP protocols. Available regions are the United States and Germany, with more regions coming soon!
  • Secure access via Roundcube webmail.
  • Sendmail enabled for your web applications.
  • Powerful server-side email filters via procmail.
  • Auto-responders
  • Automatic DKIM signing of outgoing mail for managed domains.
  • SPF and DMARC available
  • Platform-wide TLS encryption
  • Robust spam scanning of both incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Advanced system monitoring to stop spam attacks the moment they start.

DNS Hosting

  • Managed regional DNS servers to improve response times for your local visitors
  • Automatic DNS records (NS, A, MX, and DKIM) generated by your Opalstack dashboard.
  • Manual DNS records available for maximum flexibility. For example you can create MX records to point email for your domain at an external host while keeping your website hosted on Opalstack.

And more!

  • custom control panel to let you easily manage your hosting account, including a REST API for automating your control panel operations.
  • Powerful managed servers with fast SSD storage.
  • An affiliate program with a 10% monthly payout
  • Fanatical customer service and expert technical support 
  • Private IP addresses – coming soon!
  • IPv6 addresses – coming soon!