Say hello 👋 to the Opalstack Mastodon instance!

Hey Opalstackers!

tl;dr We’ve launched a Mastodon instance. You can sign up at now!

Why are we launching our own Mastodon instance?

Over the last few years we’ve been watching the Mastodon community grow and evolve. In the last couple weeks it’s become pretty clear that people are interested in Mastodon but find it hard to get started. Starting out with an instance that someone else manages is the quickest way for you to get up and running.

You can sign up, grab the Mastodon mobile app, and get started immediately!

This is a beta service so you might feel some bumps while we go through the growth phase.

What if you want to run your own instance? 🐘

You totally can! We’ve had Ruby on Rails support from the very beginning and since Mastodon is just a Rails project you can install it now. It is a complex Rails project so installation is pretty involved. As always our amazing support team can help you if you get stuck.

We’re planning to build a one click installer for Mastodon so you can install it on your own but it’s not quite ready yet. We’ll let you know when it is.

What is this going to cost? 💰

Nothing, now. Since this is a beta service we don’t know enough about usage patterns and storage. We’ll always have a generous free tier

Why are we excited about Mastodon and federated social media?

If you were on the Internet around the early 2010s before the major social media sites became walled gardens. You might remember that shared sense of community that forums and other sites had. You could share recipes, scripts, photos, and projects you were working. The best part was everyone else did too. “Meeting” people that were interested in the same things you were but lived half way around the world was a mind blowing experience.

Mastodon feels like those early days (with better design).

Sign up, grab the Mastodon mobile app, and join us now. Come help us build the community you want to be part of!

The Opalstack Team