Django and Gitea and free subdomains – oh my!

We’ve just rolled out some great new additions to the service:

💥 Django!

The panel now has an installer for Django apps! The installer sets up the following for you:

  • A Python 3 virtual environment
  • The latest version of Django and its dependencies
  • An initial Django project directory
  • uWSGI configured to serve the initial Django project
  • Controller scripts and a cron job to keep it all running

It’s simple to modify the installation to serve your own Django projects – instructions are in the Django documentation in our help center.

💥 Gitea!

We’ve also rolled out an installer for Gitea for easy hosting of Git repositories along with project management features like issue trackers, wikis, and teams.

Head on over to our Gitea documentation to get started!

💥 Free subdomains!

Every Opalstack hosting account now includes a free subdomain that you can use to test the service or even to host your own sites!

The free subdomains use your Opalstack account name as the subdomain of the domain “”. For example, if your account name is “mycompany” then your free subdomain is “”.

More details are in our Managing Domains documentation.

⁉️ Wait, what about email?

It’s coming! Our core development team are working on the email system at this time. Other members of the team are developing installers and other features, so you’ll continue to see new features roll out over the next couple of weeks as the core team wraps up email.